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Here's a long due update. Rising, how would you like your ass served to you? Fisted by baboons, or just plain kicked?

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Keenspace has changed named to Comicgenesis. Be sure to change your bookmarks and links!

Today, we have a piece of guest art from the delightful M² of the Keenspa... sorry, Comicgenesis forums. Go read her comic JunkRIOT! Right away! Chop chop!


Various minor updates on the page. "Fanart" has been renamed "Fillers" and will from now on contain all fillers, made by me or other people. When (if) I get some none-filler fanart, I will open a separate page for the purpose of displaying it.

050603: Victory!

My computer has been successfully un-fucked-up! Props to Arvid Axbrink Cederholm, who helped me in my total computer illiteracy and made the filler guest strip which you can now find in the newly opened fanart section. :)


My computer is seriously fucked-up right now. This means I can't colour my comics or hardly even use my scanner. Until I've fixed it, therefore, there will be no comics. Hopefully, this won't take long, but seeing as I have a huge exam on monday, I wont be able to do it before then. Thus: no comic on monday. I'm regretful for this, of course, but take comfort in the fact that the problem is technical rather than artistic; as soon as the problems are fixed the comic will continue to be published.


The Cast page is up!


This is Teh Kyoot!



New page! New comic! Feel free to surf around on this page, bookmark it, tell all your friends about it and start to worship it like a god.


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