Cherry Creek is a webcomic, updated Mondays and Fridays (or sundays and thursdays if you live west of the GMT +1 time zone), about Chuck and Bonnie, two kinda regular youngsters from the big city, and Chuck's sister Peggy-Sue, owner of "Peggy Sue's diner". They all live in a little town called "Cherry Creek" where they experience various weird events.

On this page, we will publish information on the comic, but as it is still very early in the plot, and we don't wish to reveal any secrets, it's still pretty empty. If you have questions regarding the comic, please email the author. Maybe your questions will be published in a future FAQ.

Below, the storylines are listed, with the latest one first:

Back to High School

The current storyline. We won't spoil too much of it, but the title at least hints at what it's about.

Welcome to Cherry Creek

The first storyline. It tells the story about how Chuck and Bonnie first come to Cherry Creek.